Humes & Berg Mutes


Jazzwise sampled two of the trumpet mutes from the stonelined collection of this American maker. First to the bell was the 111C Wah-Wah Copper Mute. A well-made, robust product, it was nonetheless a heavy weight in mute terms and on our trumpet, made it particularly bell heavy. However, this copper mute has plenty of body in the sound and is very clear and clean. With the plunger in, it produces a hard, tight sound. With the plunger out it is immediately more loose and mellow. The Mica Mute (104), is altogether a simpler, more matter of fact model. Again, the build quality is excellent.

The sound is very bright and clear and you can almost hear the stonelining’s distinctive edge. This mute is seriously loud! It might be the sort of mute you’d use if you were playing trumpet in a big band and needed to be able to hear yourself, as the mute is fitted with a deflector that bounces the sound back to the player. Mute sounds are as always down to personal sonic preferences and I would suggest giving the website a quick scan to view the full range. Quality wise though, these are top notch – and you’ re not going to require a second mortgage! 

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