Onboard Research Corp Centre Pitch Tuner


The Centre Pitch comes in the useful accessories category. It’s been around for a while, but many musicians have probably forgotten just how useful it can be. You know the situation – you’ve probably been there. The background noise means that you can hardly hear yourself speak and there’s precious little time left to get your instrument in tune. The Centre Pitch Universal works on the vibrations of your instrument, so other sounds will not interfere with the procedure.

It can be clipped on to bells and pipes with the one handed clamp with its four rubberised feet, and can be adjusted to recalibrate the ‘A’ to 440/441or 442hz. It can also be set to display notes in concert pitch, or alternatively (just for us jazzers!) to transpose for Bb, Eb or F instruments and you can also choose to see accidentals as sharp or flat. The Centre Pitch is also easier to read than units with VU meters or simple LEDs as it displays the actual note being played.

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