Protection Racket Drum Mat


Why has nobody thought of this before? After all, it’s hardly rocket science. Put together a tough plasticised backing with a rough nylon pile and bind up the edging with heavy duty ribbed, rubberised tape . . . and there you have it. But then Protection Racket have been one of the most innovative UK music product companies over the past dozen years, padding and protecting anything from cymbals to snares and most recently – guitars. The drum mat comes in two different sizes, one for double bass set-ups at 107” x 52”, the other for the less power crazed at 78” x 48”. Laid out, our kit sat securely and there was no movement whatsoever. But beware tripping up over turned up corners. Both mats roll up and are kept in place by a heavy nylon band and clip-lock. They can then be packed into fitted bags with nylon webbed grab handles and a specially reserved spot for yours truly ‘this mat belongs to’. Big bags invariably carry balance problems and the larger of these two definitely needs the grab handles moving a few inches towards the bottom of the bag, so you’re not left dragging the bottom end along the floor!

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