Kinsman Cymbal Case


This solid cymbal case is made from ABS plastic and comes in two sections – a top and a bottom. The top section is attached to the bottom section by means of a central screw spindle and heavy duty locking nut, together with four clip-catches. The central spindle feeds through the hole in the cymbals with felt spacers to separate the surfaces. There is a solid hard nylon grab handle to the top of the case which is secured by two riveted, hinged plates. The base of the case carries recessed heavy duty nylon castors and there is an extendable arm for easy transport. There is also a raised profile to the base of the case to allow the unit to sit flat for packing etc. The case takes cymbals up to 22”/56cm in diameter and is a must for any tour bus/air freight, although I would worry about the handles and clip-catches getting caught up with other luggage – with obvious consequences.

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