Tascam DP 004 Pocket Studio


Running off the mains supply or four AA’s/LR6’s, the four track (two track simultaneous recording) Pocket Studio is ideal for recording rehearsals, gigs or just plain simple ideas. A menu-based digital recorder, it has a surprisingly intuitive interface, which is set alongside a very ‘hands on’ front panel of dedicated level and pan controls. There are two built – in stereo condenser microphones to the front of the unit and two mic/line inputs to the rear, one of which can be switched for different levels of gain, so that an instrument can be recorded directly into the unit.

The Pocket Studio comes with a 1Gb SD card, which can be exchanged for an SDHC card should extra capacity be required for recording gigs, concerts etc. We found the partitioning facility very useful, as it allows cards to be split up into different sessions, each to their own particular length. Equally, the abilty to execute ‘punch ins’ made life considerably easier, as did the two short cut functions: return to zero and return to last recording position. Listening back to tracks is made simple by having a master volume on the speaker/headphone socket and feeding files via USB to computer is now standard fare. Some will frown at the fact that there is no EQ-ing facility onboard, but the simplicity of the Pocket Studio makes for an exceptionally user friendly machine. There is also the vexed question of recording in 16 Bit as opposed to the pro – studio standard of 24 Bit. But hey, I popped this tiny unit into my inside jacket pocket and went off to the beach, where WAV files took on a totally different meaning!

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