Headway HE2/DB.FEQ Double Bass Pick-up


 It seems that double bass pick-ups have been, as it were, coming out of the woodwork in recent years, with the likes of Shertler, Underwood, Fishman and Realist. And now Oxfordshire-based Headway has come up with yet another way of amplifying your db. Set within the bridge the two shielded, circular piezo ceramic cables fit into U shaped slots, one in each of the feet of the bridge. The cables then run down the body of the bass behind the tailpiece and into a nine volt battery in a neat little leather case that is attached by a velcro pad to the back of the tailpiece. This follows on to the jack socket which is equipped with self-adhesive pads and draw ties. Spare velcro pads are supplied, so that wires can be trapped, so as not to touch either the body or the tailpiece of the bass. The circular 360-degree pick-up profile means that this system picks up the most comprehensive collection of vibrations passing through the bridge, maximising the tonal and timbral authenticity and delivering a very punchy, solid and clean sound. There’s no body or background noise and no hum. This pickup system could be as close as it gets to amplifying a bass through acoustic mics. The best thing about the HE2, is it does not taint the natural sound of the bass played acoustically.

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