LED Music Light


This is one of the latest lighting ideas for those reading scores on music stands in dark corners. The unit comprises two switchable LED lights used singularly or as a double, with each attached to two adjustable “swan necks” that are connected to the base which houses three AAA batteries, has a mains connector and is attached by way of a heavily sprung clasp. We tried our sample on a Jazz Music stand (yes this does exist!), clipping it to the top rail. The clasp is well sprung and is made, as is the rest of the product, from a tough plastic compound. However, although there are a couple of rubberised pads, the grip area is very small. We needed two free hands, using one to hold the unit while the other adjusted the swan necks. With almost unlimited adjustment, the light spread is good with no hot spots. But we always seemed to need the double lights in each head, as opposed to using just the single source. Folding down into a neat, compact size for storage, this little Mighty Bright is one item no working musician should leave home without.

For more go to www.blackcatmusic.co.uk