Protection Racket SemiRigid cases Bass case 7051 and 7151


Protection Racket are very well known for their soft shell drum cases – theirs is the case of choice for many a gigging musician. However, they have now expanded and extended their range to include semirigid examples and guitar and electric bass cases.

We took a look at the two bass cases. Built around a polycarbonate frame, these cases offer the enhanced protection of three layers of different density Rocket foam and are covered in Racketex waterproof material and have a “big teeth” 3/4 covered zip with Protection Racket lockable tags. To the lower front face of the bags are two.

Protection Racket Bass Case zippered pockets - a medium sized piggy-backed on a large, while to the top rim of the case is a heavy duty grab handle with rubberised grip. Both cases come with rear nylon grab handles and a rubberised name/address pouch. This, however, is where the similarities of the 7051 and the 7151 ends. The latter is a Deluxe model and as might be expected has a number of benefits particularly in the comfort stakes, not only for the player, but also the instrument! This is most noticeable on the rucksack style harness, where the 7151 model sports an “airpac” foam back pad, fully adjustable quick release straps with heavily padded shoulder pads, an adjustable sternum strap and a zippered pocket for it all to be packed into when not in use. The 7051 model on the other hand, comes only with an adjustable harness with shoulder pads and carabiner style releaseable clasps which are linked to ‘D’ rings attached to the rim of the case. There is also a marked difference to the interior of each case.

Where the 7051 model comes with a soft nylon interior and an adjustable neck support with velcro strap, the 7151 supports a luxury non abrasive, hydrophilic Propile fleece lining together with the adjustable neck support and velcro retainer strap. As might be expected, the 7151 will set you back almost twice as much as the 7051. The real question is, how often are you going to use the back pack harness and does your instrument really need to travel in a fleece lining? For more visit