Sibelius 6 Software


Sibelius has always been a joy to use for scoring. There’s a wonderful logic to the system and it is hard to beat for features and musicality. The 6 has all the features of its predecessor, such as the pick-up bar option and keyboard shortcuts related to the numeric keyboard, which allows you to become fluent with the system very quickly. This latest version has made a considerable leap forward in a number of areas, not least of which is the improvement in instrument sampling – there is a discernible timbral change in horn crescendos. Automatic collision avoidance is now an integral part of the system, so there are no longer any overlaps and everything stacks up really nicely. We also found the “live” keyboard and fretboard useful (although various kinds of guitar fingerboard would seem unnecessary), as they read on to the score immediately and could be played back, edited and also made into a guitar tab. Being able to tap the tempo on to the keyboard having scored a piece of music and know that the machine will respond to live changes and embed them is also very useful. However, the most interesting advance in version 6 is the DAW compatibility through ReWire. You can now link and sync this Sibelius to ProTools, which expands the possibilities for the system well beyond what was previously available.

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