Hercules DS533B Instrument Stand


These stands are aptly named, although they’re not at all heavy, awkward or cumbersome. Indeed, they’re simple, straightforward and remarkably sturdy. We took a look at the alto/tenor with soprano stand. The great thing about the Hercules product is its compact storage size and simple set-up. From its packeddown state (150mm x 330mm x 110mm) it opens up using sprung locking pins, which secure two legs and the support arm – the third leg amounting to a fixed unit. Each leg has tough rubberised feet with ribbed ends for grip. The support arm carries a substantial yoke, covered in SFF rubber to protect the instrument’s finish and is, like the legs, secured in position by a sprung locking pin. Lower down, the arm is a smaller SFF-covered support that can be height adjusted to suit the individual instrument. This particular stand comes with both legs drilled for individual instrument pegs – our particular sample having a peg for the soprano saxophone. The peg can be screwed into either leg, whichever is the most convenient and will hold the saxophone securely in place by means of a triple-fluted, velvetine covered adjustable support and a solid rubberised head. The unit packs down into a tough, nylon drawstrung bag that you can sling over your shoulder.

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