Innovation 140H (Honeys) upright bass strings


Compared with Thomastik rope core Belcantos run on an old 1860s German model, the Honeys are much stiffer at the top end of the string and I had to be careful not to kink or twist the string, which made it a little difficult when locating them in the box. The bottom end of the string has a brass bar rather than the usual ball/nut and it is essential that this should be in line when holding the tension and wind up as if it’s not, the string will pop out. Strung up, it is clear that the Honeys come to pitch at a slightly higher tension than the Belcantos, which is great for those players who pull hard, as it all but eliminates any rattle on the low E. Response on the A and E strings is certainly greater than on our Belcantos and the Honeys are certainly louder with good sustain. Tonally these are warm strings and there is a definite soft, nylon sound, particularly on the D and G. The D and G are also mellower than the bottom two strings and it almost sounds as though they have reverb at the top. If you’re looking for a rich, warm bottom end or if your bass is lacking down at the bottom, these Honeys will definitely help. If you’re into swing, try a set. You won’t be disappointed. (DG) For more go to