Headway EDB-1 direct blend acoustic equaliser


The EDB-1 has been getting some really hot press recently, so we thought it was time we checked it out to see what all the fuss is about. And yes, this is a seriously amazing piece of kit and it’s built like a tank. Power comes from a DC 18-volt in with a regulated supply, or two 9-volt batteries. The well insulated battery compartment has been really well thought out, with substantial connectors and overspec’d cables and the locking screw which has a very useful coin nut. The 18volt power supply gives a tremendous amount of power; in a small hall I didn’t need to push the Master beyond a quarter. Also reassuring was the strength of the EQ knobs, which noticeably clicked on to zero. The ‘Range’ switch was also very useful, in that it is already tuned and on the bass setting cut off at 47kh, while also cutting off the top end that you don’t need. Channel 1 has three settings with Channel 2 set for passive pickups and stereo or XLR mike with phanthom power. But perhaps most useful of all was the Notch Filter that allows you to find and cut out any noise that you hear on your instrument that you don’t like, in my case, plenty. A low battery light and recessed threaded stand mount to the back plate come as standard. But what is surprising is the amount of detail and user information that appears in the manual. Not only is the EDB-1 a remarkable all-in-one pre-amp and equaliser and direct injection box, but Headway could even deserve a plain English award. (DG) For more go to www.headwaymusicaudio.com