Yamaha Pocket Recorder Pocketrak W24


The W24 is about as small and compact as it gets for a highly sophisticated “on the hoof” mini recording device with high fidelity X-Y stereo mikes, that will download your recorded files on to either Windows media player or iTunes. Yes, there are 32 pages of exhaustive illustrated text on how to get the most out of the unit with every button accounted for and every option clearly and comprehensively explained, but once you’ve found what works for you, the whole system is reasonably simple and straightforward to use.

Powered by a single AA/LR6 battery, the W24 comes with a sizeable 2GB internal memory, along with an option to ‘add on’ a micro SD card. It also has a very useful 1/4-inch screw thread on the back of the unit for mounting on either a tripod or mic stand and a remote control that has an operating distance of up to seven metres – although you have to make sure that you have the unit set at the right angle so that the remote can pick up the sensor. The W24 also includes a voice-activated system, so that if left in the recording pause mode the unit will start to record as soon as it detects audio.

The main screen is bright and clear with an orange ground against which the graphics are clearly displayed. Recording controls (record/stop/play) are also on the front face, with a menu button together with fast forward/return and plus/minus for the various function and file options. The unit comes with some useful extras such as a wind screen, a tuner and a metronome. Nothing else is required to edit and mix your recorded files as Cubase A1 DAW software is included in the package.

What isn’t however, is a small padded pouch/bag to store the system, as you won’t be wanting to hold on to the original packaging – it’s too awkward and too clever by half. (DG) For more go to www.yamahasynth.com