Denis Wick Mouthpiece Pouches and Mute Bags


The name Denis Wick has long been associated with the production of top quality mutes and mouthpieces for brass instruments. Recently, no doubt due to requests from touring musicians concerned with the potential for scratched or dented mouthpieces and mutes while out on the road, the Denis Wick company has come up with a series of high quality pouches and bags in full-grain leather and tough nylon denier to meet their demands.

All the pouches are lined with a non-scratch, hard wearing, velvetine cord material and are very cleanly finished. The single trumpet mouthpiece pouch in nylon denier comes with nylon cord edge piping and velcro pad security, while its leather counterpart uses a magnetic stud to secure the top cover to the pouch’s front face. There are also two, three and four mouthpiece pouches, each with rear belt loops and a zippered, gusseted (for ease of access) pocket to the front face [steady, on, ed]. The nylon denier model uses a strip of velcro attached to the base to close the pouch leaving the sides open, whereas the leather version comes with an all round 3/4 zip.

The zippered mute bags come in various shapes and sizes to suit their respective instruments, with each covered in the same tough nylon denier and lined with the same nonscratch velvetine material. Those for the larger mutes are top loaded with lid handles, while those for the smaller mutes not only have side zips, but also come with a carabiner type clasp to the top rear of the bag – I’m not quite sure why! Highly recommended for the hardworking horn player. For more go to