Warmahorn Brass Accessory


Made from neoprene with velcro anchor points (there are different models for different instruments), these wrap around sleeves keep the bell of your horn warm. This is a great idea for those who regularly play outdoors as intonation is always a problem at low temperatures and fitting a Warmahorn will certainly help to keep your horn in tune. Cheaper instruments also benefit from the pleasures of the Warmahorn, as it also mellows the tone with no appreciable loss of presence or volume. Fitted to a Taylor trumpet with a heavier gauge metal, the Warmahorn gave the instrument a cleaner and sweeter sound, although in this instance there was a clear loss in volume. Not content with plain colours, the company have produced a number of models with added “bling”. There is also a Warmahorn ‘Buddy’… to wrap around your pistons.

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