Music Theory Pro App


With Apple shifting an enviable 1 billion apps for its ubiquitous iPhone and iPad tablet computer it should be no surprise that there are now hordes of music applications with practical uses, as well as being highly entertaining. Among the more serious minded of these is Music Theory Pro, developed by USC music professor Dr Joel Clifft and selling for the princely sum of 59p. Aimed at beginner or intermediate level musicians it’s the perfect on-the-move way to study key signatures, intervals and chords through some clearly laid out screens, and slick functionality that combines piano keys, notational staff and sound samples. This also extends to ear training in tempos, intervals, scales and chords. Having tried some of the more clunky music theory and sight reading apps available, Music Theory Pro beats them with ease thanks to its comprehensive content, easy to use navigation, and sheer value for money. It’s also better than those other ‘brain training’ games as through daily practice with this you might actually learn something useful! (MF)

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