Voice Tone D1 Effects Box


The whole point of the TC Helicon Voice Tone range is to bring vocal effects that were once solely the preserve of the studio to the live stage in as simple and in as straightforward a way as possible. We tested the Doubling & Detune D1, one of seven Voice Tone effects boxes available, each of which can be run in a chain if you really want to move your sound around. Solidly built with a die-cast metal case and a non-slip rubber base, each of the Voice Tones carries a clean, quiet mic preamp that rivals high end touring mixers and studio quality analog to digital conversion. Apart from the ‘power in’, ‘mic in’ and ‘mic out’ and

Antigua Pro Alto Pro 1 saxophone the sensibly recessed ‘mic gain’ control, there is also a USB port for computer connection so that the user can register and get the latest version and tips from the TC -Helicon Voice Support site. Placed on the studio floor, the non-slip rubber base certainly kept the unit stable, but we preferred to work with the Voice Tone to hand, allowing any adjustments to be made easily and swiftly.

The click-stop knurled rubber effects dial is located on the top left face of the box and offers eight different effects, that include ‘Group’, ‘Loose’, ‘Thick’, ‘Oct Up’ and ‘Oct Down’. We found these to be the most useful and also the most effective, although ‘Thick’ and ‘Group’ provided a very similar take on a mix of sound, albeit with slightly more depth and colouring, provided by one of the Chorus/Reverb options on the house Shireking 60 Acoustic amp.

 Located just to the right of the effects dial is a similarly knurled rubber dial that offers a mix of Dry to Wet, while centered below is a red LED ‘in use’ indicator, positioned just above the solid ‘foot stomp’ style on-off switch. We’re sure that vocalists will want to try out this amazing little box with it’s footswitch and dials that can certainly do wonders for your vocal arrangements and will effectively ‘thicken’ your voice with extraordinarily realistic doubling emulations... and who knows what might be possible in combination with its six cousins. For more go to www.tc-helicon.com