Blue en.CORE 100i microphone


Blue mic’s new en.CORE 100i dynamic mic is a clean and well designed unit with a domed metal mesh cap that attaches to a sleek black steel body via a solid steel screw thread with the usual 3 pin XLR connection to the base. Utilising a newly developed capsule with a diaphragm that has been specifically designed to provide a tighter polar pattern, the 100i is purpose built for mic’ing up instruments and other sources needing high isolation. It has also been designed to handle very high SPLs, so even the very loudest instrument doesn’t present a problem.

We tested the en.CORE100i in the studio up against the industry standard Shure SM57. The en.CORE100i was very lively by comparison with a bright, almost ‘zingy’ top end – much like an ‘open’ mic. The bottom however, although producing a very effective response, didn’t quite capture the renowned definition and clarity of the Shure product. Looking at the en.CORE’s overall performance and robust design, we feel that the 100i could potentially be the perfect partner for mic’ing up ‘cabs’ and ‘toms’ for live gigs. And given that the en.CORE100i can be purchased for about half the price of an SM57, it undoubtedly represents excellent value for money.

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