Labella Super Alloy 52 Blues Medium electric guitar strings

LaBella have been somewhat eclipsed by D’Addario in recent years, and in many ways for good reason. D’Addario have expanded and promoted their extensive range through a roster of top endorsees who all cite tuning stability and longevity as the main reasons behind their choice. Pretty convincing if you’re just a work-a-day player on the circuit. Of course, none of us would deny that invariably we’ll string up our axes with D’Addarios, but I recently decided that I was going to look outside the box (that is full of D’Addarios – particularly flat wound 12s!) and try something that would give me more edge to my sound, more bite and more character.

Having played LaBellas in the past, I checked out the strings that were new to their range and that I thought might give me the sound and feel that I was looking for and came up with the Super Alloy 52 (11-52). These strings have a high iron content (48 per cent) – which means more signal power to your pickup, while the other 52 per cent is Nickel, to prevent tarnishing.

Being a ‘thumb’ player, smooth strings and tension are all important and the 52s are, for round wounds, as smooth and as slick as they come and there’s just enough flex and feel off the string to get a great response. OK, you might be thinking that these 52s sound like a perfect fit for a Strat, but strung up on my ‘semi’, they delivered just that sort of clear, clean sound with a rich, round full tone together with the edge and bite that we were looking for.

I’ve had them on for a month now and there’re no pitch problems. In fact, they’re still as sweet as the day I put them on. Needless to say, I’ve since added a few more sets of the SA52s to our string box.

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