Step by Step Guide To Jazz Drumming

A new book and CD tutor that aims to take the fear and mystique out of learning jazz drumming and get the newcomer up and started arrives in the form of Baby Steps to Giant Steps, published by drum education experts Hudson Music at £12.95. Conceived by Spencer Strand, creator of the popular Turn It Up & Lay It Down tutor series, and written by drummer/educators Peter Retzlaff and Jim Rupp, the book is targeted at funk and rock players who are interested in learning the swing feel of classic and hard-bop jazz. With this in mind the authors take time out in the introduction to look at the differences between rock and funk and jazz/swing drumming and compare and contrast key elements, such as subdivision of the beat, articulation, accents, time feel and direction. The first half of the book concentrates on learning how to play jazz time and uses clear instructional narrative, graphics and notation. Topics covered include, ride cymbal playing; feathering the bass drum; syncopated figures and triplets; jazz fills and the basics of playing with brushes. The second half puts this instruction into practice with drum charts, lead sheets and explanatory notes that go with the 11 track play along CD, and include examples of major and minor blues as well as standards such as ‘Take The A Train’, ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ and ‘Giant Steps’. Detailed discographical recommendations and a reading list complete what is a refreshing and thoughtful approach to jazz drum tutors and one that does not assume the newcomer already has a depth of prior knowledge – often a failing in some other beginner jazz titles. (JN) For more go to

Zildjian launch new jazz orientated ride cymbals Building on their acclaimed K Zildjian Constantinople high-end cast bronze range, originally launched in the late 1990s, Zildjian have turned to the noted jazz drummer Kenny Washington to collaborate on the design for their new 22in Bounce Ride. The K Constantinople is the nearest Zildjian range to the legendary old K Zildjian cymbals that were originally handmade in Turkey and are most sought after by jazz players looking for depth and subtlety rather than ball-breaking volume. The 22in Bounce Ride is based on an old K model that Washington had played for years and features a medium thin weight with traditional K Constantinople hammering, very pronounced lathing grooves and eight clustered overhammering marks on the top surface. Zildjian claim the cymbal has plenty of stick bounce, sustain and wash with a trashy crash and a pitch that can ride over most small to big band settings. Also new to the K Constantinople range is a 22in Thin Ride Overhammered that, as the name suggests, features additional large hammer marks over the original hammering that gives a dark, dryer than usual sound with unusually crisp stick articulation that is well suited for small to medium sized groups. And to the K Zildjian range comes a 20in Light Flat Ride that offers a dark, warm sound with extreme stick definition. (JN) For more go to