Rosetti Series 7 - Rose Brass Trumpet


This Series 7 Trumpet is an elegant piece of kit and comes with a semi-soft moulded zippered case, with a useful zippered exterior pouch, top and side “grab” handles and shoulder strap. Made for the student and semi-pro markets, it is supplied with a standard 7 mouthpiece and has a Rose Brass lead pipe and bell which gives the instrument a smoother and darker overall delivery than it’s lacquer and silver plated sisters. That said, the Rose Brass has a bright tone and is very responsive, particularly at the bottom end where there is plenty of body. The top end is a little harder to drive, but we still reached top C with ease. Handling is excellent with a good balance, and while the instrument is light, it has a solid, substantial feel which is further enhanced by the quality valve block and the Z bracing. I am not entirely sure about the aesthetic mix of brass, silver brass and rose brass on the instrument – or the "squared off" main front crook, but that’s purely personal. This Rose Brass Series 7 certainly has the potential to deliver, and with a 3 mouthpiece you can get really mellow.