Rosetti Flugelhorn (Series 5)


Quality entry level Flugelhorns are few and far between. So when a recognised manufacturer launches a new model, we’re keen to see where it sits in the scheme of things. Coming in three finishes, Brass, Rose Brass and Silver Plated, with both brass instruments having a Rose Brass lead pipe, the Series 5 is a very clean, well engineered and surprisingly well balanced horn. With good intonation, the pistons felt comfortably tight and there was no adjustment needed on the solidly built valves.

The supplied Chinese made mouthpiece is modelled on the standard 7C, but has more of a cone than cup and a distinctly narrower bore, which gives the horn a brighter but slightly thinner sound, somewhat akin to a mellow trumpet. It does however help facilitate entry to the top register. Fitting the Series 5 with a standard 7C mouthpiece gave a more rounded and darker tone, but made the upper register a much more difficult!

Playing the Flugelhorn softly produced a clean, clear sound that is typical of the instrument. Driving it was a totally different proposition, as it certainly punches the sound out but at the same time, takes on a ‘trumpety’ timbre with a distinctly more brassy edge. Aimed at the student/intermediate market, we think that this horn ticks most of the right boxes and is more than capable of producing the goods when required. Brass band members might like to know that it carries a crook for a music stand. The whole package is protected by a semi-hard zippered, moulded polystyrene case with a clutch and end grab handle and sizeable zippered front pocket, together with a detachable back harness. For more info go to