Taylor Phoenix Trumpet


The Phoenix is a hand built instrument that can be made to your own specifications relating to finish and bore size. Taylor Trumpets have never been known as lightweights in any sense of the word, and the Phoenix is no exception. It has a solid, well-engineered feel, with a quality of workmanship that is second to none. Short valves and a compact movement allow for fluency and speed when required and a medium large bore offers good resistance and by implication greater control. The instrument is supplied with a ‘3c’ mouthpiece, although this can be customised to your own needs. Playing the instrument is a pure pleasure, with a good consistency right across the full register and a tone that is both warm and lush, while at the same time being clear and defined. The Phoenix is certainly worth taking a good look at if you’re in the market for a new horn with a definite character and identity. And if you don’t fancy crossing the proverbial pond and putting in the legwork to check out the Stateside manufacturers, this Taylor could be right up your street. For more info go to www.taylortrumpets.com