Eclipse LR Trumpet


This feels just right the moment you pick it up. It’s light, yet solid, feels comfortable in the hands, is perfectly balanced and it’s compact. Uniquely, Eclipse horns have their tuning slide to the back of the instrument before the pipe enters the bell, so that the front end of the instrument is a clear unbroken tube. Eclipse claims that this free flow of air in the tube before it reaches the valves gives the instrument a better overall response. Putting in a mouthpiece makes this immediately apparent. Crucially, there is an immediate response and, yes, is it forgiving. Short travel valves make the model quick and one that offers good resistance, while the tuning is tight with a good vacuum.

The 460ml bore probably adds to the amazing amount of depth and presence in the sound with plenty of power and clarity and “the bottom” really speaks while top is very clear and clean. The LR can be coaxed into producing a beautifully focused, smooth and silky sound but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a one trick pony, because this baby can also really chuck it out and will kick like a mule if you ask it to! This is a horn that clearly achieves what it sets out to do. You think we like it? Damn right. Go to