Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Signature Trumpet


Not only is this signature trumpet very light, but it’s a horn that has a real edge when you drive it – Miyashiro obviously relishes being ‘out front’! Visually it’s a very striking, if traditional looking instrument with quite an abrupt flair to the bell – which is perhaps where it gets its punch from. The plating is honey brass, with what looks like brass finger loops, along with mother of pearl capped finger pads and black felt cushions to the valves. The valve system is integral (top sprung), and I should perhaps issue a note of caution here – I found it surprisingly easy to return the valves the wrong way round, so they sit incorrectly. Overall however, the build quality is excellent and on our sample everything was airtight.

A light instrument, it delivers a light sound and the Miyashiro is clearly more at home at the top rather than the bottom. It’s frighteningly playable and glides through the full range with ease. Sonically it may not be the most subtle of instruments with its bright, full tones, but play it softly and it soon becomes clear that there is a very appealing mellow, almost sweet side to this horn - an aspect to it’s character that I particularly liked.

Interestingly, Yamaha have recently gone down the rucksack/bag route for their instrument cases and have had developed a multi-pocketed nylon denier unit with a heavily padded twin compartment accommodating two horns. Unfortunately, it seems that the manufacturer has stuck too closely to the dimensions given and as a consequence, the bag is a few centimetres short on height and in its present form doesn’t give the instruments real protection. No doubt, knowing Yamaha, this minor miscalculation will soon be rectified.

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