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Jazzwise How I did on Twitter this week: 143 New Followers, 58 Mentions, 206K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via http://t.co/pCvwWGgBJk
Jazzwise Stan Sulzmann Quartet weaves wonders at The Vortex http://t.co/g4Aol5OSqd @vortexjazz
Jazzwise RT @EnginesOrch: Huge thanks to @Jazzwise for featuring our @officialronnies show on their site. We can't wait for Oct 1st! http://t.co/or
Jazzwise RT @606club: Keeping me company on the morning commute: 200th edition of @Jazzwise feat. vintage photos of Miles! Laura/606 http://t.co/yYu
Jazzwise Tune in folks - lots of cool chat from @Jazzwise editor Jon Newey and @chrisphilips on @jazzfm about our 200th issue https://t.co/y5malkmjnB
Jazzwise RT @EditionRecords: Great feature in the 200th issue of @Jazzwise of @drifterquartet. Read all about #flow @Stuartnichlson http://t.co/v32u

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