Trope Cast Type Of Wonder Over The Verdict



Trope's first EP, Butterflies and Dragons, was all about growing up and evolving. This may be why they seemed like a different band to the one I saw at Love Supreme last year. They have been around since 2014 but, like seasoned musicians, they performed music from their back-catalogue that filled two fairly lengthy sets. The laidback feel of the venue changed them as performers. Compared to the fearless, 'out there' performance at Love Supreme, it felt as though they had invited the audience to watch them jam at their own private studio. Introverted and experimental, it was interesting to watch them please themselves, reworking the songs of Stevie Wonder, delighting with a mellow version of 'Superstition' arranged by dynamic pianist, Andy Bunting, the band replete with frantic, arpeggiated bass and piano solos. Intrepid vocalist, Cherise Adams-Burnett played with a hypnotising vocal riff during 'All I Do'. Wonder's DNA was certainly present, but the genes had been completely mutated in a refreshing way. 'Butterfly' from the first EP fluttered hopefully up the scale, while songs from the new EP 5ive, about love gone wrong, tended to have more descending scales, perhaps expressing an increased world weariness. The vocal technique used for 'The Drop' and 'Rude' was almost sprechgesang, which increased the drama and brought the audience connection back after a few technical problems. The ensemble, which also included Jonathan Silk (drums) and Nick Jurd (bass) aren't afraid to mutate their sound, its evolving, experimental nature make them an exciting band to watch out for in the future.

– Tina Blower